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I feel insecure

I’m suffering from depression and anxiety which are caused by a recent life event.

I believe the struggle has always been there. One of the reasons is that I feel insecure. I’m looking for psychotherapy treatment, would it be the kind of service you provide?
Dear Client, thank you for your request.
I understand that you have some problems in your life which you want to solve through better understanding your subconscious mind.
Psychotherapy may help you to understand the reasons for your problems and show you the best way to solve them. When you start solving them you may find out that you can be spontaneous, you can plan ahead and follow the image of the result set up during therapy sessions.
If you are looking for insight and then you will be able to act on your decisions I may be helpful.
I use variety of techniques – CBT, NLP, Narrative approach, Mindfulness meditation to name a few.
You can call me at 4216-423-2484 or schedule an appointment on my web-site
I will be waiting for you to help you.
Valery Belyanin, PhD, RP

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