Neither psychology nor psychotherapy in Ontario are covered by OHIP. However mental health may be a priority because it is the basis of all your life, success, career, physical health. I offer high quality service. Currently (as of  July 2024) my fees are as follows:

Types of therapy / clients FEES
one person
clients with benefits for psychology $ 220 CAD
clients with benefits for psychotherapy (flexible) $ 175 CAD
clients without benefits (flexible) $ 110 CAD
clients referred by a laywer (usualy 8 sessions) $ 165 CAD
Writing a report / document {Depending on the complexity and urgence}
for the lawyer/ crown  $400 CAD
for an Agency / doctor $25 – $250 CAD
Writing a psycholinguistic expertise for a private person $ 30 – $200 CAD
Writing a psycholinguistic expertise for an Agency $ 200 – $600 CAD

Late cancellation fee

If the appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours before it, I will ask you to pay $ 30 CAD before the beginning of the next scheduled session (see also Missed appointments)

Length of session.
The length of a session is 52 minutes. The first session may be longer (60 minutes)

Ways to pay
At the end of every session I accept the payment
• in cash (if in person)
• by personal cheque
• bank transfer Interac
• Internet payment via PayPal
If you need a receipt they will be issued electronically.
All the money you pay for psychotherapy you pay for your own well being

Extended health benefits
If you have benefits for psychotherapy this will halp you. I am a Registered Psychotherapist and a mental health provider for Green Shield and Blue Cross.  Many other insurance companies offer coverage for psychotherapy.

“Cashing” benefits
Sorry I do not “cash” benefits. Я не обналичиваю бенефиты.

If you have questions you may ask me by email .

In order to schedule an appointment with me please go to page with my schedule and chose day and time for the session.
I will be waiting for you to help you to make your life better.

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