Legal issues

Sometimes people do silly things, or sometimes they can not resist our temptations, or can not control their our temper…
And here comes a police officer and issues a restraint order. And you face legal charges. It happens.
If you are not a natural born criminal (I hope you are not) and if this is your first offence, I may help you.

I worked with these and other legal issues:

Offense Section of Criminal code Link
Assaulting a peace officer s.129, s.270
Criminal Harassment s.246(2) (link)
Operating while impaired  s. 253(1)(a); “over 80” s. 253(1)(b)
Sexual assault s. 271(1)(b)
Theft under 5 000 s. 322(1) link
Voyeurism s. 162(1) link
Domestic violence

If your lawyer advises you to take several sessions of psychotherapy before your court date – I may try to help you.

Usually my clients need 8±2 sessions and a report.
The fees for the therapy and for the report are currently Read here
You need
1* to have a letter from your lawyer (or clear understanding what is needed  from you | and from me)
2* to have legal documents (police report etc)

3* fill in the following documents

3.1. Information about clients (download here either: Psychotherapy_Fillable info about client, Psychotherapy_Printable_Info_About client)

3.2. Your own description of the situation you are in and your understanding why it happened (please refer to the template and write he most important things or download the form What happened

I will be waiting for you.
P.S. Everything will be kept confidential.

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