Anger management

The issues of domestic violence and abuse are unfortunately met more frequently these days. If you have problems with the law and your lawyer thinks that you may need psychotherapy that may help you, I am here to help. (Read here)

If you think that your temper may bring you more troubles that you have now – I am also here to help.

I have proficiency working on anger management. I make assessments (without communicating a diagnosis), provide psychoeducation regarding the unaccepted behavior and make interventions that contributed to positive changes in attitude and conduct of the client.

You will learn the consequences of anger, I will teach you how to recognize its symptoms, triggers and – consequently – how to reduce the risks behaving aggressively. The strategies provided will help you regain self-control, de-escalate anger and respond to criticism using constructive, assertive communication.

After my sessions you will have at our disposal some powerful tools needed to negotiate difference with others effectively. You will also receive a letter for your lawyer (and court) with the description of your case and the psychotherapy provided.

In my practice I use mainly Cognitive-behavioral Therapy, and also Transactional Analysis, and Narrative Therapy, and a little bit of Neuro-linguistic Programming.
Therapy is very individual, however research shows that one may  need 6-10 sessions and 2-4 months to see some good changes in their life.

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