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Life Put on Hold

I work in CBT modality for many years. I love cognitive-behavioral therapy because it allows me to apply structured approach to my client’s problems. Sensations, feelings, cognitions, behavior – these are the domains I analyse when I have requests to “make things the  way they were”. To these domains I add another one – the life “around” the client (their financial circumstances, job, housing, people that are in contact with them). This approach helps me to help my clients to become their own therapists. Read more

Employees Need Patience

Employees Need Patience, Understanding, and Time to Correct Behavior

When conveying bad news to employees, such as negative information about their performance or behavior, leaders must avoid situations that, in effect, ambush their employees. Leaders should instead utilize their best tools and strategies to convey such information with firmness and finesse. Then, leaders must afford patience, understanding, and time, along with a good measure of grace, to support employees through the challenging and often arduous process of change. Read more

Stop it

One of the techniques used in Cognitive behavior therapy is called “Thought stopping” or “Thought stoppage”.

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Мой вебинар

Для того, чтобы получить максимум от моего вебинара, я рекомендую ознакомиться со следующими материалами:

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