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Life Put on Hold

I work in CBT modality for many years. I love cognitive-behavioral therapy because it allows me to apply structured approach to my client’s problems. Sensations, feelings, cognitions, behavior – these are the domains I analyse when I have requests to “make things the  way they were”. To these domains I add another one – the life “around” the client (their financial circumstances, job, housing, people that are in contact with them). This approach helps me to help my clients to become their own therapists. Read more

Мой вебинар

Для того, чтобы получить максимум от моего вебинара, я рекомендую ознакомиться со следующими материалами:

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Psychological counseling

Psychological counseling is and “interaction with a client to explore and offer direct advice about affective, cognitive, or behavioral problems and to reach solutions”.

(APA Dictionary of Psychology)

Dark texts

Dark texts («тёмные») may be considered the manifestation of the Picture of the World of the world of a person who may experience twilight state or similar conditions which may be caused or not caused by epilepsy as a neurological disorder referred to as “epileptoid” in Russian psychiatry (Ганнушкин П.Б.). Read more

“Beautiful” texts

“Beautiful” texts are based on the manifestation of the picture of the world of a person who may have Mental Health Status resembling Histrionic Personality Disorder (Personality Disorders – Cluster B) characterized by pervasive and excessive emotionality and attention-seeking behavior (DSM-5, 2013, p. 667).

“Beautiful” texts have such language markers as ‘color’, ‘appearance of a person’, ‘gestures’, ‘speech’, ‘feelings and emotions’, ‘humiliations and sufferings’, ‘relatives’, ‘comparison with an animal’, ‘inside a house’, etc.


Назад к описанию Психотезауруса