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Rebooting technique

How to “reboot” when you are overwhelmed

Step 1. Unplug
Take a few minutes and disconnect from the outside world and all of its pressures. Find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be interrupted.

Step 2. Breathe
Take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. On the out breath loosen your jaw, and let go of all expression.
Step 3. Observe
Scan your body from head to toe. Take at least 30 seconds or more to take inventory of your body experience; body sensations, tensions, your posture etc.
Step 4. Report
Report what you have noticed in your body-either out loud so you may hear your own voice, or say it silently to yourself.
Step 5. Adjust
Allow your body to return to a natural, relaxed state by moving in some way that shakes off or reduces tension. If your shoulders for instance are high up near your ears, relax and lower them.
Step 6. Visualize
Now take a minute or two and notice if you feel more connected to yourself. Imagine an ocean wave or a wave form in your mind’s eye and breathe slowly in and out.

Step 7. Reboot
Decide on the next purposeful action to take. Identify your top priority in the moment. Take one more conscious breath in and out stay focused on your intention and go do it!

Source: Whole Body

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