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Psychology of Dating

If you think that finding the “second half” is full-time job – you are definitely right.

Psychology of Dating


Know yourself

  1. Know yourself. Try to understand how emotional you are, how much communication you need, and why do you need another person.
  2. If you are skeptical about finding another person your thoughts may come true. If you really want to find someone you may find one.
  3. If you do not find anyone you may have a different life which is better to accept than to suffer for the rest of the life. Suffering shortens the life.


  1. We have a certain image of ourselves. Others may perceive us differently. So we should find a way how to present ourselves to others so that there will be some integrity (of how we think of ourselves and how others will accept us).
  2. Other people are presenting themselves in a way that is also different from the way they are. We should be able to recognize their inner nature no matter how they present themselves.
  3. We can not find an ideal “second half”. All people have something that will not be acceptable for us. You should know your boundaries and be able to find compromise at the same time being able to know what you want in the relationships.


  1. Lie and cheating is part of relations. <…>
  2. Some people are very good liars. We should be able to ask enough questions in order to find out the truth.


  1. Some people tend to be stuck in virtual relations. We should be able to recognize that and move on in case they do not want to meet with us in “real life”.
  2. Relations are not stable unless we participate in them and we are forming them alongside with another person. It takes two to tango.

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