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Paranoid states

The exact classification of the paranoid states has long been a matter of controversy (Kendler, 1980).Some authorities regard the differences between paranoid personality, paranoia and paranoid schizophrenia as merely a matter of degree. Individuals with paranoid personality are generally rigid and inflexible, suspicious and morbidly sensitive. They may be of rather dominant nature and their friendships of short duration. The so-called overvalued idea or id´ee fixe may be prominent. Paranoia (or delusional disorder) is a relatively rare condition characterized by an intricate, complex and elaborate delusional system without hallucinations. The delusions are systematized, firmly knit and more or less isolated so that the rest of the personality remains relatively intact. Paranoia is rare before 30 years of age. Many with paranoia are single, and they are rarely bothered by others pro-vided they are not dangerous to themselves or others. Occasionally, however, an individual with paranoia may consider that he or she has unique abilities and may seek political expression of his or her views. Recently, interest in “querulous paranoia” has been revived, precipitated by the increase in pro-vision of official avenues for complaints of various kinds (Mullen & Lester, 2006).

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